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Welcome to the Bottom Dollar Mercantile!

About the Bottom Dollar Mercantile

We're finally online!

We hope that in time our customers in and around Bearden will be able to use this site, for their convenience, to place orders for pick-up or delivery; everything from milk and eggs to flower arrangements at your fingertips! 

Keep your information secure uses for all of our online payment processing. This keeps your identity and card information secure, allowing you to enjoy our services without worry!

For Pick-up or Delivery

Providing our community with the service it deserves has always been a top priority for the Bottom Dollar. By enabling our customers to place orders in advance for pick-up and delivery, we can save you time and trouble! 

Independent Stores

The Bottom Dollar Mercantile is a family-owned and operated independent store. Founded by Randy and Janice Lindsey in 2011, we are a general discount retailer in Bearden, Arkansas. As our name suggests, our mission is to provide our customers with as many options, as much savings, and as little hassle as possible. While we feel (and have been told by many visiting customers) that the Bottom Dollar is a truly unique place, we think that it is important to enumerate the benefits of having local small businesses in general, especially in a rural tightly-knit community like Bearden. Below we have listed some of the many benefits of patronizing local independent businesses like the Bottom Dollar.

  • Profits get reinvested into more inventory to offer the customer, not sent to Wall Street.
  • Independents are able to work with the customer to meet their specific needs without arbitrary restrictions
  • We are proud of and invested in our local community; sponsoring local events and organizations
  • Like all independent stores, the Bottom Dollar is responsible for finding its own suppliers. We have partners throughout the country, enabling us to offer a variety of items often unseen in small towns. You'll never know what you'll see the next time you shop with us!


How We're Different

While we at the Bottom Dollar encourage everyone to support local independent businesses; we do not believe that any business simply deserves the patronage of its customers. We are very appreciative of our customers. The Bottom Dollar is owned by working people, particularly aware of what it is like to live in a small town on a limited budget, with limited time. We chose our logo based on the kind of store we want to be for our customers; a small friendly place where the customer knows that they can find all the necessities of daily living at a fair price. Below we have listed some of the more unique offerings we have for our patrons.

  • Soon we will inaugurate our delivery service, bringing our entire store to your doorstep. We hope that this service makes shopping easier for everyone, especially the elderly, disabled, and those without transportation.
  • We order or pick up ourselves many specialty items for our customers that we do not normally carry.
  • We can sell many items, from soda and nutritional supplements to candy or even food, by the case; saving you money.
  • We sell cellular prepaid minutes, and will soon offer lottery tickets and scratch-offs.

The Flower House

When the Bottom Dollar opened in 2011, we incorporated the Flower House into our store. What this means for the Flower House is added tools to serve you. With direct access to party supplies, candy, decorations, and everything else that the Bottom Dollar is able to offer to the customer, the Flower House is able to offer better products (such as bigger snack-packs and candle warmers) without an additional premium. What this means for you is that the Flower House is better equipped than ever to provide the same timely and friendly service our Bearden customers have come to expect over the last 30 years while remaining highly competitive with any other florist in the nation.

  • With our Flower Shop Network connections, we can send anything practically anywhere.
  • We are open seven days a week with no early-ordering requirements (even on Valentine's Day). If we can help you we will.
  • At the Flower House, a customer may even purchase raw materials to construct their own arrangement, saving you even more!
  • From blowing up balloons purchased elsewhere to custom-made snack packs, we will do whatever we can to make your celebration a success!


We look forward to serving you!